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To date, the bitcoin exchange rate has reached its historical maximum - $41 thousand!

The value of the cryptocurrency has increased over the past few months and updated its record. The cryptocurrency exchange rate updated the record on January 8, and for the first time the price of a crypto coin became $41 thousand, as the site tells us For the month, bitcoin has risen in price - by 111%.

Bitcoin's direct competitor, altcoin, has also grown in value by 6% over the past few days, but it is a little short of breaking its 2018 record.

Many expert analysts consider bitcoin a very promising investment. Mike McGlone reports that the bitcoin cryptocurrency will only grow in the new year, and its fall is unlikely.

With all this, for certain people there is such a question "how to wash dirty bitcoins?". Many people already withdraw or are going to withdraw cryptocurrency, but perhaps someone did not know that it is possible to launder bitcoin and Bitcoin mixer will help you with this.

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Bitcoin does not lose its popularity in our time-it is actively developing, today we can observe its absolute evolution, it breaks all records and certain people benefit from it. Those who do not know about the bitcoin blender, we will tell you today what a bitcoin mixer is and how to use it. I use the Bitcoin mixer to "wash" my cryptomonets by mixing bitcoin, as a result, it gives you a "clean" crypt to the wallet from which the crypt was sent. The bitmix service offers you the most anonymous bitcoin transactions, the algorithms of which have been working for quite a long time and provide confidential transfers.
Some believe that blockchain provides you with anonymous transfers, but this is not the case.
All its transactions are direct, you can use several exchangers, but in the end you can be tracked. And Bitcoin mixer offers you the most mixed bitcoins that can not be tracked, today our service is popular and you can see reviews about the mixer on the official website -

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The whole process is automated and you can use the bitcoin mixer at any time of the day. After the transaction is made, the entire web footprint of the user on the site is completely deleted and does not leave any data, moreover, when registering bitmix does not ask for any personal information about you, just the wallet address with which the mixing will be made is enough.

1. Transactions reach their peak of anonymity by splitting the crypt into pieces and sending it multiple times in different directions.

2. Back you get bitcoins in the same amount, but from completely different sources. You can also manually set the degree of delay and mixing force, which makes your crypt elusive.

3. After processing, the amount of cryptocoins service, they become pure and cannot be tracked.

4. The guarantor is a letter with a code that the user will receive when using our service. It is needed to get back all the amounts of bitcoins

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Service it has earned its place among the top bitcoin mixers. Our services provide complete anonymity for our users.

Many users use pure cryptocurrency in order to purchase prohibited goods, we would like to share with you one of the list of prohibited stores that are very often mentioned in their reviews.
This is the Hydra site, it has been confirming its reliability for a long time, as well as the confidentiality of all transactions by double encryption.

We wish you pleasant shopping and anonymous transactions!